Family Session

So many times I hear “I would love to do our family photos this year, but I want to lose (insert number) pounds first!” and believe me, I get it. I don’t always love the way I look, especially right before or just after having a baby, right after Christmas, when I’m stressed, or any other time that my clothes don’t fit exactly right… whatever. We, as women, are so critical of ourselves – and I completely blame the media and society for that, but that’s a discussion for another day – but do you know who isn’t critical of you? Your precious, little-but-not-for-long, adorable kids. They love you! They don’t see what you see. They see their mother, the person they love the most in the world. They see the person who rocks them to sleep, who sings them funny songs, who makes their meals and who kisses them goodbye on their way to school – and guess what? To them you are beautiful. So don’t let your insecurities, your negative thoughts, hold you back from documenting the people who you love – your amazing family.

Because I mostly shoot weddings, and because I have 3 little girls who need their momma, I only take a small number of family sessions each month. You can contact me here to find out my schedule and to book.

I look forward to helping you preserve your memories!

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